Warranty and Repair

Before bringing your Apple® Product it is recommended:

• Make a Backup of your data and / or make sure you have a recent Backup in iCloud or your preferred medium. Backups and / or data recovery, when necessary, generate additional charges and do not have warranty coverage or any other type.

• If your device is an iPhone, iPad or iPod, you must remove it from your iCloud account and / or turn off the Find My option for it to receive support.

About our Service:

Repairs under the Apple® Warranty are completely free once your device is determined to be eligible, as it meets all the requirements to receive covered service.

The Warranty does not cover services for Software problems. If your computer's problem is a software problem, there may be charges for the support and resolution service for your problem.

The Warranty does not cover failures caused by accidental damage such as drops, liquid spills, intentional damage, or equipment with modifications not authorized by Apple®. In these cases, it will be evaluated if your equipment qualifies for out-of-warranty support depending on how serious the damage is.

Out-of-Warranty repairs are charged at current service rates. You will be presented with an estimate that you will need to approve and sign before we can proceed with your repair.

Diagnostics can generate charges depending on the time and resources that have been necessary to perform them. If the equipment needs to be repaired and you approve the repair, there will be no diagnostic charges and only the repair will be billed according to the approved estimate.

You can check if your equipment is under Warranty in this link.

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