Warranty and Support for all your Apple® products

Apple® and Beats By Apple® products come with a 1 year Warranty valid worldwide no matter where they were purchased.*

If you have an Apple® product and it has a problem, you can bring it to our Authorized Service Center for evaluation and diagnosis. You may qualify for a free repair and / or replacement.

You can check if your equipment is under Warranty in this link.

Before bringing you Apple® Product

Use the Apple® Support platform to make your appointment with us so we will be ready and with advance information about your case.

Make sure to Backup your data.

Remove your Device from Find My.  You can review information about our services here.

* Some Restrictions May Apply

Our staff is Certified and trained to provide the best support.

Our team of professionals has all the Apple® Certifications for both iOS and Mac OS. We are the most complete Service Center in the entire Cibao and Northern Region with all the Certifications and tools to support all Apple® and Beats By Apple® products.

Specialized Diagnostic Tools

We have the most advanced diagnostic tools in the industry.

The Apple® diagnostics system, powered by the cloud, ensures that the most up-to-date version of diagnostic software is always running. You will be able to see the results in real time while our Certified Technicians will be able to offer you the best option to solve your problem.

iFix Store

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Santiago, SAN, 51000.  República Dominicana.

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